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Sorry about that

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“I’m sorry for all the times we’ve shoved God in your face.”

“I’m sorry i overlooked you as a potential friend just because our beliefs were different.”

“I have been critical and expected you to live according to my expectations. I am sorry.”

Christians Confess rides one of the newest Web trends: confessional sites, letting people unburden themselves without shedding anonymity. With one difference: On this site, Christians apologize to the world for being, well, un-Christian.

At least one writer sees the paradox:

“I’m sorry you have to come to this site to find out how sorry we are, because we might feel too embarrassed or ashamed, or perhaps not willing enough to be weak, humble, and vulnerable to your face.”

The Web site owner, Pastor John Smulo of a house church in Sacramento, admits he doesn’t what else to do in order to make things right, and invites feedback from non-Christians. One response has a surprising counter-confession:

“I am sorry that I rolled my eyes when I saw the name of this site. I am sorry that I judged every Christian on the planet to be the same.”


Written by Jim Davis

August 3, 2008 at 11:41 pm

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