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So you thought the New Age was dead? Rajuna’s Revenge will enlighten you. With a splash page resembling a black-light poster — two fluorescent-colored goddesses holding up the site title — you’ll feel yourself in that familiar mind-body realm.

Runes, crystals, spirit guides, Tarot, past lives, trans-dimensional travel, Earth’s energy vortexes: Rajuna lays out an incredible smorgasbord. The various articles — wrapped in the same color-on-black design — show typical New Age eclectic sourcing, from NASA to news magazines to modern mystics.

Rajuna, aka June Kaminski, has three sections on astrologies, but mostly on the Greek version. Asian and native American systems are scanned only briefly. The Asian section does have a lot on the current Year of the Rat, but the other 11 symbols aren’t detailed.

Although the basic information is free, there’s a sizable marketing section: Egyptian goddess notepads, Celtic maiden T-shirts, kits and courses for readings via dowsing, numerology and other methods. Kaminski even offers her own Web design services.

If all this appeals to you, try the links to her other sites: Reincarnation Central, Visions of Adonai, and the Tarot section of BellaOnline. Rajuna also writes a blog, though it isn’t often updated.


Written by Jim Davis

August 9, 2008 at 3:36 am

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