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Grace: Amazing, and unfair

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Fog rolls in on a coastline, toward a lone figure on a rock. Philip Yancey’s bearded, gray-haired face silently invites us to sit awhile and consider who God is to us — and, perhaps, who we are to God.

Over three decades, Yancey has made an enduring impact in evangelical circles, with 12 books selling more than 14 million copies. This site hints at his insights and gift for words.

In an interview: “I can’t think of any argument against God that isn’t already included in the Bible.”

In his travel notes: “I cannot claim that grace is fair. By definition, it’s unfair: We get the opposite of what we deserve.”

Sadly, Yancey has stopped adding to his notes. The last was in January 2005. At least we can still browse the site for photos, interviews, a biography and a book list.

The standout is the subsite for his book What’s So Amazing About Grace? It opens with a synth treatment of the hymn Amazing Grace, with a photo montage of … well, so many people. Bill and Hillary. Bill Gates. Mother Teresa. Timothy McVeigh. Mao Zedong.

Then the window moves to anecdotes from readers who have experienced grace in their own lives — set to a soundtrack of howling wind and flapping shutters. The clear message: In a cold, uncaring world, we need a God who cares about us.

Many of the book thumbnails are broken; geez, where is that Webmaster? Use this link instead. It’ll list all the books, in all their versions — hardcover, softcover, audio, DVD, and several kinds of ebook.


Written by Jim Davis

October 4, 2008 at 11:57 pm

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