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Does God need spying?

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“From politics to the arts, science to the economy, sexuality to ecology” — it’s an ambitious mission statement for Godspy. Taking a Catholic perspective, but accessible to others as well, Godspy is part news, part analysis, part repost from other sites.

The sleek, white-on-black site runs literate TV and movie reviews, like the new film version of Brideshead Revisited. It carries a New York Times article about belief in God being higher among physicists than biologists. And it mentions an effort by the Vatican to serve as a patron of fine arts, as it was during the Renaissance.

All those and more are lined up in 12 links across the top, although stories are often under two or more. But if those aren’t enough, pore through the 40 topics down the left side — everything from sharia to stem cells to secularism. You’ll even find those good ol’ church topics, like sin and love.
Some of Godspy sounds a bit defensive or belligerent. It cites a Vatican conference that concluded Pope Pius XII “spared no effort” to help Jews during World War II. And business writer Angelo Matera starts a column with, “If there’s anyone in the mainstream media willing to listen to the Church these days (I doubt it) …”

Have a look at the archives, too. They include a look at matters like religion and politics, the L’Arche movement, and Benedict XVI’s call to a conversationist lifestyle. The page is pretty, but grab all the articles you can: At least half of the links are expired.

Written by Jim Davis

October 12, 2008 at 3:29 am

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