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Thanking Billy Graham

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Tons of books, Web sites, TV specials and movies — including the new Billy: The Early Years — focus on Billy Graham. But two of his grandsons saw a gap: What about those he preached to?

Their answer is Thank You Billy, a message board for the many people who were touched by Graham’s six decades of ministry.

Brothers Basyle and Aram Tchividjian put up the Web site last year, and it already has more than 500 anecdotes. Among them:

  • A gang leader in New Zealand who became a Christian and turned his life around.
  • A woman who vividly recalls a Graham crusade in Romania, 27 years ago, when the country was still under Marxist rule.
  • A single mother who became a believer in Jesus from watching a crusade on TV, while stoned.
  • A Georgia man who was not only inspired to live for Jesus through a Graham movie, but took up guitar after hearing the movie’s sound track.

One glitch: If you call up a story, then hit the “back” arrow on your browser, it’ll return you to the homepage instead of the story list. Use the “Close” tool on the message itself. But even then, you may have to scroll down to the spot you left.

Also here are six videos about Graham from a variety of people, including Pat Boone and Joni Eareckson. The videos introduce the Tchividjians’ new book, Invitation, which has 40-50 anecdotes along with photos from the Graham archives.

Boone reappears on the tribute music video Thank You Billy Graham, linked from his own site. Singers include Faith Hill, Michael McDonald, LeAnn Rimes, Kenny Rogers and others, with an introduction by Bono. You can also download the song as an mp3.


Written by Jim Davis

October 14, 2008 at 2:23 am

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