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Film reviews, from inside and out

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Past the Popcorn views films from both sides of the aisle. With writers and editors from inside the industry and inside church circles, the reviews are both media savvy and spiritually sensitive.

Popcorn, 72dpiThe multicolored homepage, decorated with movie snacks, has three reviews with summary paragraphs before jumping to inside pages. And it’s about more than those boring “gospel films”: A favorite pick of senior writer Jeff Walls is the funny/sad Michael Caine vehicle Is Anybody There?

This may be a Christian-oriented site, but it hacks its own path. Walls in particular commits two “sins”: running down the popular Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, then giving a qualified thumbs-up to the crude satire Bruno.

Reviews are organized by new releases, recent releases and a lengthy archive going back to June 2006. The archive also lists commentaries and DVD reviews. There’s no list by genre or film title, though.

Example: a think piece by managing editor Greg Wright, scolding church folks for being squeamish about movie ratings. He also criticizes Christians who want more respect for Christian themes than for other religious themes.

He follows up with Anatomy of a Christian Approach to Movies, reporting the ideas of various believers. He seems to have trouble coming to a conclusion, though.

Finally, there’s a blog-like column, which allows longer-form commentary and feedback from readers.

If you like PTP’s approach, you can sign up for their RSS feed, clickable from the homepage.


Written by Jim Davis

July 10, 2009 at 4:24 am

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