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Angry diapers?

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OK, so maybe it sounds like a bad SNL sketch. But founders of Feminist Mormon Housewives are serious about women’s issues. And whether you’re a housewife, a Mormon or just a feminist, Templeyou’ll likely find something interesting here.

Originally bearing the tongue-in-cheek subtitle “Angry Activists with Diapers to Change,” fMh was birthed in 2004 by Lisa Butterworth, a 30-something believer in Idaho. Her blog handles a range of issues like abortion, climate change, homosexuality, parenting, polygamy, witchcraft, Mormon history, finances, even the shadowy topic of the “feminine divine.”

But the posts also take some unexpected turns:

  • Still another post suggests feminist lyrics
  • for nursery rhymes, to avoid painting women as passive.

The contributors write with wit and charm — though they often overwrite — and surprisingly without the anger and narrowness of many blogs-with-a-cause. Although some, like one NatalieK, seem to clutch at anything to draw hope for a more feminist church.

Housewives they may be, but they’re also media savvy. There’s also an fMh Facebook page and Yahoo chat group.


Written by Jim Davis

July 28, 2009 at 4:54 am

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