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An Islamic creationist?

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Creationist Christians may have a new Muslim ally: a literate but quietly fierce Turkish writer named Adnan Oktar. He’s working on the fifth volume of Atlas of Creation, a 14-book opus against evolution. The books have stoked a firestorm of controversy, in his homeland and elsewhere.

Wall Street Journal reporter Andrew Higgins maps that storm in afossil, 72dpi long, 1,244-word essay that provides breadth but little depth. Most of the piece is about Oktar himself: his background, his influence, his friends and enemies. It also notes the scorn he’s drawn from uber-evolutionist Richard Dawkins.

But exactly why does Oktar reject evolution? Oddly, you won’t find much about that in the WSJ story. Of the 25 paragraphs, only three toward the end mention any content in Atlas of Creation, focusing mainly on errors. Since those are bundled with a snark from Dawkins, the reporter probably got them from him, rather than directly from the books.

Higgins says the Quran “leaves more room for acceptance of evolution than does the Old Testament, which states that the world was created in six days.” How does the Quran do so? He doesn’t say. Nor does he explain why a Muslim like Oktar would oppose evolution.

Interestingly, Oktar’s verbal jihad has had little effect on science in Turkey, but considerable influence among wealthy business leaders. They’ve helped bankroll his books, including translation into 57 languages.

So you may have a chance to read them wherever you are. Or perhaps to use them as doorstops. Each is said to weigh more than 13 pounds.


Written by Jim Davis

August 4, 2009 at 4:45 am

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