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God: The short version

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Is there a God? Will you believe after reading Meaning of Life? For that matter, will you know the meaning of life?

The Catholic-oriented site gives some pretty orthodox answers, like the Argument from the First Cause and the Moral Argument. But it also suggests sun, waterone inventive argument: “If there is no God, there is no problem of existence. We simply satisfy our appetites to the best of our abilities and then go out of existence. To say there is a problem is to say there is a God.”

The site tackles other standard questions, too. Like why God allows suffering, or whether prayer works. Or, what about aliens, or the people who lived before Jesus.

You can tell the writers are non-fundamentalist from the answers. One calls the book of Genesis an allegory, not history. Another says psychic abilities have nothing to do with religion (many fundamentalists believe such powers are satanic). Still another says Revelation is not a code about the end of the world, but a “vision of the struggle between Good and Evil.”

With some of the answers, though, you wonder if they’re serious. Like the secret of a happy marriage: The wife is always right, and the husband should “bring her flowers and small silly gifts as often as you possibly can.”

So not all the 14 pages are equally good. But they’re worth reading. Whether or not you decide there’s a God.


Written by Jim Davis

August 9, 2009 at 5:08 am

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