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Networking for Earth

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Green is good. That’s the simple idea behind Climatarians.org. Instead of majoring on philosophy and theology, this site helps people link up for “sustainable goods and services.”

Founded by Dutch entrepreneur Joost Hoogstrate, Climatarians has blogs, events, job openings, message boards and other tools for joining forces. With links on organic farming, solar power, desalination, natural cosmetics, environmental politics and much more, this site could keep you occupied for weeks. (The text could be a bit sharper, though.)

Some of the concepts are pretty advanced. One is “agroforestry,” integrating farming and forestry for healthier land use. Another considers using ocean waves and tides as renewable energy. Still another brings up “garden offices”: workspaces in open, leafy settings to make workers more relaxed and productive.

Warning: Companies pay to get in the directory. Some want customers. Others appear to be seeking investors. Judge their pitches accordingly.

But the site is still unfinished, even though it was founded in July 2009. Many of the headings, like “Social Ecology,” have a short introductory paragraph, but no links.

The “news” section isn’t so great: Most of the articles seem to be opinion columns by members of the site. Among the less-than-brilliant remarks: Possessions don’t make you happy; oil companies should not be trusted; and some climatologists are frauds.

Like many good sites, Climatarians connects with social sites like Facebook. Login there, and you’re logged in here.


Written by Jim Davis

May 10, 2010 at 12:18 am

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