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‘Charisma’ mag: Sharper, sleeker

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The label “venerable” can be a kiss of death for a website. But Charisma’s new editor, Marcus Yoars, has overseen a good job of renovation for this 35-year-old publication. Change is everywhere on the site.

Most noticeable on the homepage is a slick-looking tag cloud down the left side, telling you at a glance what people are reading on the site. Other tweaks include a multimedia page, with videos, podcasts, photo galleries and links to Charisma on Facebook and Twitter. The photos include early coverage of the recent earthquakes in Chile and Haiti.

Feature articles show some sharp writing and deep thinking. One tells of a minister and his wife in Texas who adopted four orphans and inspired the adoption of 69 others.

A news section surveys world trends, from economics to technology to the surge of world Islam. One reports that Christians in Morocco are being vilified through the use of Facebook.

A look at The Gospel and Marvin Gaye pleads for Christians to take a view of redeeming society, as did the songs of the late soul singer.

Naturally, Charisma wants you to subscribe to its magazine. The digital version is a cool Flash-driven picture of a magazine, using your mouse pointer to turn the pages.


Written by Jim Davis

June 20, 2010 at 1:53 am

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