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Website review: Real Clear Religion

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From the folks who created Real Clear Politics comes a faith-based version, Real Clear Religion. A two-word review: Bookmark it. If you want to keep on religion news, this free site is a gift that keeps giving.

The low-graphics, fast-loading homepage has a simple list of the top 12 headlines for each day. The stories come from secular outlets like Slate, Newsweek, The Chicago Tribune and The Atlantic Monthly, as well as religious publications like the National Catholic Reporter, Christianity Today and Religion News Service.

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Issues include sex abuse, China’s problem with the Catholic Church, the recent fracas over circumcision in San Francisco, the deaths of John Stott and Amy Winehouse (in separate stories, of course), and the Broadway play based on the Book of Mormon.

Real Clear Religion also posts think pieces. One is a column from Religion Dispatches suggesting that atheists get involved in interfaith work. Another examines The Role of Men in Religious Terrorism — a journalistic minefield if ever there were one.

One nitpick: the text size. It’s small. Sure, you can make it larger with your browser, but that makes the section titles start to run together.

A bonus is a topics page. It lists articles by title, from ABC to Fred Phelps to Newt Gingrich to Vatican City to Yom Kippur.

And if you like the Real Clear approach, check out their sister sites in world news, business, science, energy and sports.

The video section is especially compelling, with clips from all over the world. A recent page featured reports on a mine blast in the Ukraine, Islamic militants in Indonesia, Europe’s bailout of Greece, and the killing of Libyan rebel leader Abdel Fattah Younes.


Written by Jim Davis

August 1, 2011 at 2:43 am

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