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Madea gets in your face yet again

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Film review: ‘Madea’s Witness Protection.’ 114 minutes. Rated PG-13. Lionsgate.

The titled character rants, scolds and chatters her way through another movie in Madea’s Witness Protection, the newest foray of Tyler Perry’s “mad black woman” creation.

Yes, Perry shows his great versatility in playing several roles: Madea, her bumbling brother and her federal prosecutor nephew. But how often can you hear Madea spew dumb stuff, and say it three times or more, without squirming and looking at your watch?

Tyler Perry reprises the titled role in ‘Madea’s Witness Protection.’ (Courtesy Allied Integrated Marketing)

At least Perry makes the setup somewhat believable. George is a simple, honest accountant (Eugene Levy) who finds he’s been set up by a shifty corporation to take the fall in a Ponzi scheme involving hundreds of millions of dollars. He offers to rebuild the money trail, but of course he and his family need a safe house.

Naturally, the federal prosecutor assigned to him is Brian (Tyler Perry as a middle-aged man). And for some reason, the feds are all out of safe houses. So naturally #2, the family has to be put up at the house of his aunt: Madea.

The plot then rolls on three wheels: the effort to nail the real scammers, the need to heal rifts in the family, and Madea’s outsize, overbearing personality — which, however, Perry tries to soften a bit with a grain or two of wisdom.

There are a few other subplots. The son needs some male bonding. The daughter is an insolent brat and needs to value her family. The wife (Denise Richards) tells George that family is more important than the material success he was chasing. Right, right. Family values. We get it.

Not that this is a terrible film. One good thing, as in just about every Tyler Perry film, is the respectful treatment of faith and its adherents. At a church down the street (although Madea doesn’t attend), we hear some evocative spirituals from a gospel choir. We also hear an emotive sermon from the pastor (John Amos). The church folks show a bold, joyous faith and even use Jesus’ name as something besides a swear word.

Another positive of this film is throwing work to actors who haven’t gotten much attention lately. Eugene Levy is a masterful comedian, a cast member of the brilliant Second City Television and its successor, SCTV. Doris Roberts, as his senile mother, is a veteran of the memorable show Everybody Loves Raymond.

We also get a glimpse of two fine 1970s sitcom actors, John Amos as the pastor and Marla Gibbs as a neighbor. And Denise Richards as George’s wife — well, she’s still nice looking and can say a line without embarrassing herself.

Tyler Perry is immensely talented, and a man of good will and great sensitivity. But he just may have put on that lipstick and gray wig and floral housedress once too often.

Interestingly, Perry may have concluded that himself. The screening I attended included a preview of Alex Cross — in which he plays a tough cop.

If you want to look into the movie more, here’s the website.

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Written by Jim Davis

July 16, 2012 at 2:45 am

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