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Religious toilet seat covers and more ‘Godly Gadgets’

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Some of the weirdest religious marketing ideas are collected on “Gadgets for God,” part of the Ship of Fools website. The merchandise shows an incredible variety of tastes, including:

  • A birdhouse shaped like a church.
  • Jewish-interest beer, labeled “He’Brew.”
  • A toilet seat cover with the slogan “Let My People Go.”
  • A dispenser of Eucharistic wafers that looks better suited to Pez candies.
  • Inflatable churches that serve as hot-air balloons. (Write your own jokes, folks.)
  • An blue-green clock shaped like a mosque, with a shrill muezzin’s call to prayer as a jarring alarm.
  • Narnia bookends: one with Aslan, the other with the White Queen. Depending on whose side you take, I suppose.

While you’re there, click the homepage and explore. Ship of Fools has all the droll humor you’d expect of a Christian site out of the U.K.

— James D. Davis


Written by Jim Davis

October 10, 2013 at 12:27 pm

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